Pillar at the Gate(Pillar of Learning)(校門)

Located next to the north entrance, the Pillar of Learning (1977)consists of three connected slabs of equal height which take on a different appearance depending on the position of the viewer. Although somewhat abstract, this concrete sculpture by Yang Yu Yu(楊英風)gives the general impression of a traditional book consisting of three bamboo slips bound with strings, standing upright. The school name was attached to the Pillar of Learning in 1978; sponsored by the class of 1938, these characters are an enlarged copper reproduction of the school name on the main gate of Tsinghua University in Beijing, which was originally inscribed on a plaque in 1928 by noted calligrapher and statesman Tan Yan Kai(譚延闓) at the request of Luo Jia Lun(羅家倫), then the president of Tsinghua University in Beijing.